Spotlight on Keith Merchant, Vendors Mall Tenant

We would like to share with you the views and expressions of a visitor to Antigua and Barbuda and their experience while shopping at the Vendors Mall. following is the extract from Catherine Hunt written on line in the Antigua and Barbuda tourism Group: " I would like to share my positive shopping experience. It was our last full day in Antigua, and I was frantically shopping for local gifts for our daughters and granddaughter. I was specifically looking for turquoise bracelets with lots of turtles since we encountered several turtles during our one week sailing cruise around Antigua. We visited several stores in Heritage Quay and Redcliffe Quay and didn't find what we were looking for. We finally went to the Vendors Mall. One vendor introduced us to Keith who was willing to make the custom bracelets that I wanted for reasonable prices. He also made a customized necklace for me. These are truly Antiguan handmade jewelry. "

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