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In 2001 the St. John’s Development Corporation facilitated the move of more than 150 vendors to the Vendors Mall adjacent to Heritage Quay. The facility comprises twenty-three duty-free shops as well as a  food court. The Vendor’s Mall is a unique attraction to the cruise industry business as well as hotel guests and offers a wide array of souvenirs inclusive of paintings, crafts, and T-shirts. Through the development of the Vendors Mall the St. John’s Development Corporation has been able to produce small entrepreneurs and created employment opportunities for Antiguan and Barbudans. The Vendor’s Mall has been a success story. Today the Vendors section which is located on the First floor has a 100% occupancy, including the food court. The second floor comprises duty-free shops.





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The bridge between culture and entrepreneurship.

Local Crafts

Explore a rich tapestry of local crafts, each piece telling a story of culture and tradition. Immerse yourself in our region's creative heritage.

Refreshments & Dinning

Savor local flavors at our mall's diverse dining options. From gourmet cuisine to quick bites, indulge in a culinary journey close to home.

Culture & Community

Our mall thrives on diverse culture & vibrant community. Enjoy events, art displays & shared experiences, making shopping more enriching & meaningful.


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